ARCH Accredited Training Criteria for Schools/Instructors


ARCH Canada training is standardized. Interested members must take the ARCH Instructor Training as well as abide by the ARCH Accredited Training Manual. Accredited graduating students will then be registered by ARCH, at their specifically trained level, as a Professional Member on submission of their completed Documentation; including level application, proof of PLI and Level Competency Exam which is proctored by the accredited Institute/School/Instructor. The Instructor(s) in the approved Institute or School must also be a Registered Professional Member of ARCH at the level they are training or higher. Only ARCH Professional Members are permitted to teach ARCH accredited curriculum. Both the curriculum and instructor(s) must meet the Standards of Registration, Educational Performance Criteria and Standards of Practice, on an annual basis to maintain the registered and/or accredited status.


There Are Two (2) Levels of Professional Training.


Level One - Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist / Registered Clinical Hypnosis Practitioner -

Minimum training with an approved curriculum of 225 hours of classroom/instructor guided instruction with minimum 25 hours of Skilled Helper Training, required reading material, assignments, treatment planning + 100 hours of Practical Application (practicum), and ARCH RCH Competency Exam.


Level Three - Registered Clinical Counselling-Hypnotherapist / Registered Clinical Counselling-Hypnosis Practitioner 1100 Hour Minimum

Minimum training with an approved curriculum is Level Two Training above + Two Years RCH Professional Membership with ARCH + 400 additional hours of classroom/instructor guided instruction in counselling + 400 hours of Practical Application (practicum) and ARCH RCCH Competency Exam.



General Notes

A.      Instructors must be Registered Professional Members of ARCH for two years at the level (or higher) to that which is being taught by them.

B.      Please note that ARCH does not accept "time-compressed intensive study courses" nor "correspondence/extension/video/elearning (webinar without in-house practicum)/home study courses" for the above core requirement for Professional Level Membership. This form of instruction is only acceptable for CEH. Do not submit these for approval as they will not be accredited.

C.     ARCH reserves the right to change their Standards at any time. Institutes/Schools/Instructors using approved curriculum will be required to adjust their curriculum to the new standards in order to maintain ARCH accreditation.

D.     Curriculum approval is totally at the discretion of the Directors and may be rejected or approved subject to required changes or additions being carried out to the submitted curriculum.

E.      There is a non-refundable administrative fee of $150.00 for the curriculum approval process. As long as the Institute/School/Instructor continues to graduate students into ARCH membership, no further fees are required. Should an Institute/School/Instructor become inactive for one year, the accredited status for their programme will automatically be invalid and a re-submission will be required and/or a re-activation fee of $300.00. It is the responsibility of the Institute/School/Instructor to maintain their accredited status.

F.      Accreditation of any Institute/School/Instructor is totally at the discretion of the Directors and may be withdrawn should the Institute/School/Instructor be found in contravention of the By-Laws and/or Standards of the Association.