The Association of Registered Clinical Hypnotherapists (ARCH) promotes the professional conduct of its registered members, consistent with the ARCH Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. All complaints about the ethical or professional practice of a registered member (Member) that are received in writing are reviewed by ARCH.

ARCH is not able to:

  •  make, direct or influence the payment of financial compensation to complainants or Members,1
  • investigate complaints without offering the Member the opportunity to respond,
  •  assist with concerns or complaints about activities or conduct of Members that are not relevant to ARCH’s mandate, including a Member’s compliance with the Code of Ethics or Standards of Practice, or
  •  assist with concerns or complaints about non-Members.


Complaints must be submitted in writing to ARCH by email, mail or courier to:

Association of Registered Clinical Hypnotherapists
6248 Main Street
Vancouver, British Columbia, V5W 2V1

The Complaint must include:

  •  the Complainant’s name and contact information (anonymous complaints will not be accepted),
  •  the name of the ARCH Member,
  •  details and documentation in support of the Complaint including reference to the alleged violation(s) of the Code of Ethics or Standards of Practice and dates of the alleged violation(s),
  • a consent to investigate including consent to release confidential information and clinical records
  •  details of relief sought to resolve concerns raised by the Complaint, and
  • details of attempts made to address any concerns with the Member or an explanation of why this was not feasible or appropriate.

A Complainant may use the ARCH Complaint Form to make a Complaint.

Upon receipt of a Complaint, ARCH will review the Complaint and may collect additional information, consents or releases from the Complainant if required.

Preliminary Review

A preliminary review will be conducted and the Complaint dismissed if

  •  the Complaint does not contain allegations that, if admitted or proven, would constitute a matter within the mandate or jurisdiction of ARCH, or
  •  the Complaint is found by ARCH to be trivial, frivolous, vexatious, or made in bad faith.


Where a Complaint is not dismissed on preliminary review, ARCH will inform the Member of the Complaint including providing them with a copy of the Complaint and relevant documentation. The Member will then be asked to respond. ARCH may contact other individuals who have information that may be relevant to the investigation. ARCH may also obtain copies of records and conduct interviews of the Complainant, Member and other individuals. Members are required to produce all potentially relevant records and information requested by ARCH.

At the conclusion of an investigation ARCH may:

  •  dismiss the Complaint,
  • send a letter of expectations to the Member,
  • reach a consent agreement between ARCH and the Member, or
  • recommend disciplinary action including:

o reprimand the Member,

o suspension of ARCH membership, or

o expulsion as a member of ARCH.

Disciplinary Action

Where disciplinary action including reprimand, suspension, or expulsion is recommended, ARCH will:

  • send to the Member written notice of the proposed discipline or expulsion, including reasons, and
  • give the Member a reasonable opportunity to make representations to ARCH respecting the proposed discipline or expulsion.

ARCH will determine the process for a Member to make representations, with the exception that where the Member is subject to expulsion, the Member will be provided with an opportunity to be heard at a meeting of the Board.


The Complainant may be consulted and will be advised of the outcome of an investigation or disciplinary process by ARCH but agreement of the Complainant is not required for actions taken by ARCH with respect to a Member.

The Complainant may be represented by legal counsel, at the Complainant's cost.

The Member may be represented by legal counsel, at the Member’s cost.

ARCH may, at its discretion:

  •  dismiss a Complaint at any stage if it is received more than one (1) year after the alleged event(s) or violation(s) which form the substance of the Complaint,
  • where there are criminal or other legal proceedings relevant to the Complaint, suspend investigation or disciplinary processes until the criminal or other legal proceedings have been resolved,
  • proceed with an investigation and disciplinary process:

o in the absence of a formal Complaint, or

o where a Complainant withdraws a Complaint, choses not to pursue a Complaint, or refuses to participate in the process,

  •  enter into a consent agreement with the Member at any stage of the process,
  •  notify the public of any consent agreements or disciplinary action taken with respect to a Member, including publication on the ARCH Website, or
  • require a Member to pay the costs of the investigation or disciplinary process including legal fees incurred by ARCH.

1 ARCH requires Members to have Professional Liability Insurance and Commercial General Liability Insurance and is not legally liable for the conduct of Members.