Board of Directors

Executive Directors

Heather Flanagan - President & Director of Membership
Heather is a Registered Clinical Counseling Hypnotherapist. Her Vancouver practice primarily focuses on anxiety, self esteem/confidence, life skills and management, trauma.  

Robin Popowich - Vice-President
Robin is a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist and ARCH Accredited Instructor. Her full time private practice focuses primarily  on helping women and teens recover from trauma and trauma related depression and anxiety. Robin has earned specialty certifications and diplomas in Neuro-Psychotherapy, Psychotherapy, Relationship Psychology, Harm Reduction, Brief Focused Counseling skills, Meditation Instruction, Trauma Therapy and extensive education and experience in Business Administration, Management and Development with a focus on the Psychology of Client Acquisition and Retention. 

Gerda Toffoli - Records and Certificates
Gerda is a Registered Clinical Counseling-Hypnotherapist and has a Masters’ degree in Counselling Psychology from UBC. She has extensive experience in personal and group counselling, including the use of guided imagery to deal with major life transitions, grief and loss counseling, conflict resolution and peer-helper training. Focus in her client-centered private Vancouver practice includes personal growth and interpersonal relationships, self-esteem and self-confidence, anxiety and stress management, insomnia and overcoming internal blockages in sports, academics, or other endeavours. 

Sue Evans - Secretary
Sue is a Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist in Calgary Canada. Her private practice offers support for those typically dealing with change and the resulting transitional feelings and emotions.  She has additional certifications and training in supporting those who suffer with Misophonia, PTSD, OldPain and Over weight.  Sue is a co-founder of the vivify program. Sue is a graduate of Engineering and an HR Specialist. 

Oceanna Hall – Treasurer  

List of Provincial Liaison Representatives
Provincial Liaison Representatives promote the Association within their provincial boundaries and are the legislative watch-dogs for the Association. For ethical issues contact the ARCH head office for information regarding the correct complaint protocol. 

Meera Duncan RCCH, FACTAB ARCH Canada Representative

British Columbia
Coreen Lane, RCCH – FACTBC ARCH Canada Representative