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To establish Clinical Hypnotherapy
as a mainstream therapeutic
practice accessible to all.


To promote the ethical uses of
clinical hypnosis in medical, dental,
mental health (i.e. behavioural),
and forensic settings through
quality care, with the utmost
respect and absolute positive
regard for our clients. To provide
an accrediting registry for qualified
Hypnotherapists, Clinical
Hypnotherapists and Counselling
Hypnotherapists in Canada.
To provide the highest standards
of education and skill competency
 as defined in our Standards of
Registration and Practice.

To establish Clinical Hypnotherapy
as a mainstream therapeutic
practice accessible to all.

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Code of Ethics

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Standards of Practice

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Membership Criteria

Associate Member (Non-Practising Friends of ARCH) Membership requirements are:

1. Completed Application form
2. Payment of the Application fee of $25.00cdn and Annual Fee of $100.00cdn for Associate Membership.....

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Educational Criteria

MembershipEducational Performance Criteria:

The following is deemed as the "minimum" educational performance standards for Professional Certification and Membership in the Association of Registered.....

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Accredited Training Criteria

ARCH Canada training is standardized. Interested members must take the ARCH Instructor Training as well as abide by the ARCH Accredited Training Manual. Accredited graduating students will then....

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Renewal Criteria for
ARCH Members

In order to remain as a Professional Member in "Good Standing" with the Association of Registered Clinical Hypnotherapists, a Professional Member must meet the following criteria at the time of Annual Membership Renewal.

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Membership Benefits

 • Canadian Credentials with our Cross-Canada Association

  •  Professional Liability Insurance & General Liability Insurance 
         - One of the most comprehensive and least expensive plans in Canada available through ARCH at group rates

  •  Medical, Dental and Vision Health Care Plan Opportunity

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