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We are dedicated to promoting the ethical uses of clinical hypnosis in medical, dental, mental health (behavioural), and forensic settings. We are committed to quality care with the utmost respect and absolute positive regard for our clients, and to provide appropriate referrals to treatment within the professional community as the need arises.

Our Purpose

The purpose of ARCH is to provide an accrediting registry for qualified Hypnotherapists and Counselling-Hypnotherapists in Canada. The professional members of ARCH have all met standards of education and skill competency established by ARCH in their Standards of Registration and Standards of Practice and are therefore accredited by ARCH for the practice of medical/behavioural hypnosis.

Our Objectives
  • To increase public awareness about the benefits of clinical hypnosis.

  • To provide an avenue for the public to access qualified and competent Hypnotherapists.

  • To provide the members of ARCH with a network of like-minded practitioners who are committed to work together for the benefit of the public, and not for their own personal or professional gain.

  • To encourage continuing education and personal growth for members of ARCH in the practice of hypnosis in Hypnotherapy and related fields.

  • To provide guidelines for the members of ARCH in the Standards of Practice of the Profession of Hypnotherapy, and a Code of Ethics in which to practice as a Hypnotherapist.
Our Future
  • To continue to develop the mandate of the association to cover all areas of Psychological Service to the public. We are dedicated to serving the whole person - Body/Mind/Spirit, a harmony of wholeness.


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